Smart Auto Shop is one of the biggest Vehicle Compliance centres in Auckland with the capacity to process a large number of vehicles everyday. We specialise in all makes and models of cars, small trucks, Mini buses and Caravans. Both Fresh Imports and De-registered vehicles.

Smart Auto Shop focuses on providing hassle free and affordable service to our clients. We achieve this by using the Latest Technology and Robust Systems, cutting back in processing time to provide Quality repair work. We strive to give our customers Peace of Mind and Satisfaction. We work closely with VTNZ as our TSD agent and one the most reliable and superior brands in  the vehicle industry.


Whether you are Importing your vehicle from Overseas or Want Rec-Compliance of your Deregistered vehicle, we are complete one stop shop for all your Compliance needs. Whether you have a Classic or Low Volume Sports car, we can help you with your Compliance requirements.

Smart Auto Shop also caters for the wholesale market. For those Motor Vehicle Traders who process a large quantity of cars with us we can provide volume discounts.



We go the extra mile for you to comply your vehicle so that you experience the excellence in service we provide. In addition we can provide you additional certifications while you vehicle is in our care:

Low Volume Vehicle Certification

Repair Certification

Emission Certification

TDN Exemptions

Damage Flag Removal



We have a secure storage facility where we can park up to 200 vehicles. Our facility is Fully Insured and Monitored by CCTV camera’s at all times. We Guarantee that our customer vehicles are 100% Covered at all times.

You can now feel rest assured to leave your vehicle with us, this saves you and us time and allows us to process your vehicle quicker and more efficiently.



To save you time and money we have a Door To Door pickup and delivery service. We can pickup your vehicle and store in our secure facility. When the work is complete we can drop the vehicle back to you.



Our facilities are large. We can therefore achieve economies of scale which our competitors cannot. This allows us to pass the savings on to you, our client.

Since we turn over a large number of vehicles we have good relationships with our suppliers for parts and delivery. We can therefore obtain the parts cheaper and carry out all mechanical repairs quicker and with less expense.

As a curtesy to our clients, while your vehicle in going through compliance we will check the vehicles oil levels and filters and advise you immediately if the vehicle is in need of a general service.

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